Los Roques, my Venezuelan Paradise

During winter, I long for the Venezuelan beaches. I dream that one day I'll be able to take vacation for one or two months during this season to spend it in a warm Caribbean place. Well, right now, I don't have the freedom at work to leave for that long; and to be honest, I... Continue Reading →


A Venezuelan in Utrecht

Jenny is from Maracaibo, Estado Zulia, in Venezuela. It’s called “La tierra del Sol Amada”(the land loved by the Sun). This is because they have +35C all year round. She arrived with her husband five years ago. Her mom, dad and three sisters live in Venezuela. She first lived in Eindhoven before moving to Utrecht. Jenny... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Travel Plans…

 It's true that you can reflect about your path or make significant changes in your lifestyle at any point. The Grinches of New Year's Celebrations won't hesitate to let us know this. The year is a scientific reference established by humankind based on the period it takes the Earth to complete a revolution around the sun. So... Continue Reading →

Holiday Season: Prague, Czech Republic

#TouristModeOn22 - 25 December 2018Christmas Trip / Road Trip / ibis Praha Wenceslas SquareStarting the year with an expired passport (and eight months of no-news from the Venezuelan authorities), and ending it with a 9-day road tour visiting six cities in three countries is not bad... Not bad at all! I remember the frustration, and... Continue Reading →

Holiday Season: Neuschwanstein Castle

#TouristModeOn19 December 2018Birthday Trip / By Car / ibis Hotel Muenchen City ArnulfparkFor the last four years I've celebrated my birthdays in a special way: Birthday Trips! This year we decided to do a nine-day Road Trip from Utrecht to Prague (and back) during the holiday season. The trip would combine several of our holiday traditions:... Continue Reading →

Holiday Season: Hannover, Germany

#TouristModeOn06 - 05 December 2015Weekend Trip / By Train (ICE) / Novotel Suites Hannover CityWeihnachtsmarkt Hannover (2015)In 2015 we decided to do my Birthday Trip a little bit earlier. Beginning December I had a business trip to Celle (Germany) which is a small town close to Hannover. We could visit the two cities during the weekend... Continue Reading →

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